Insurance producers licensed by the State of New York are authorized by their license to confer with insurance purchasers about the benefits, terms and conditions of insurance contracts; to offer advice concerning the substantive benefits of particular insurance contracts; to sell insurance; and to obtain insurance for purchasers. Our role as an insurance producer in any ordinary transaction typically involves one or more of these activities.

We will receive compensation in the form of commission or fees for assistance with the placement, servicing, claims handling, or renewal of your insurance coverages. Commission compensation will be based on the insurance contract you purchase and may vary depending on a number of factors including the insurance contract(s) and the insurer(s) the purchaser selects. In addition to compensation we will receive,other parties such as excess and surplus lines brokers, wholesale brokers, reinsurance intermediaries, underwriting managers and similar parties, some of which may be owned in whole or in part by Brown & Brown, Inc., may also receive compensation (derived from your premium payments) for their role in providing insurance products or services to you pursuant to their separate contracts with insurance or reinsurance carriers. Additionally, it is possible we, or our corporate parents or affiliates, may receive contingent payments or allowances from insurers based on factors that are not client-specific, such as the performance and/or size of an overall book of business produced with an insurer.

That compensation is partially derived from your premium dollars, after being combined (or “pooled”) with the premium dollars of other insureds that have purchased similar types of coverage. We generally do not know if a contingent payment will be made by a particular insurer, or the amount of any such contingent payment, until the underwriting year is closed. We may also receive invitations to programs sponsored and paid for by insurance carriers to inform brokers regarding their products and services, including possible participation in company-sponsored events such as trips, seminars, and advisory council meetings, based upon the total volume of business placed with the carrier you select. We may, on occasion, receive loans or credit from insurance companies.

Additionally, in the ordinary course of our business, we may receive and retain interest on premiums you pay from the date we receive them until the date premiums are remitted to the insurance company or intermediary. If we assist with placement and other details of arranging for the financing of your insurance premium,we may also receive a fee from the premium finance company.

You may obtain information about compensation expected to be received by us based in whole or part on the sale of insurance to you, and (if applicable) compensation expected to be received based in whole or part on any alternative quotes presented to you by us, by requesting such information from us.

Questions and Information Requests. Should you have any questions, or require additional information, please contact this office at 800-634-8237